Don’t sleep. Make some memories!

Go out there. Have fun. Make memories. No regrets!


It’s Friday, and for most of us that means a bit of freedom, and relaxation from the work week.  So go do something for yourself, and have fun.  Stay out late and make some memories.

What are you doing this weekend?  For me it is the Olympic opening ceremonies, and then the 3 mile Diva Dash tomorrow! (


Weekly Schedules

Weekly Schedules.
Check out this weeks diet and schedule.  Any motivation or thoughts would be awesome!  Thanks for looking.

Daily Motivation. Do something you have never done!

What do you want?


What have you never had?  I have never had a six-pack for a stomach.  So I should strive to workout longer.  I want to have a successful business of my own. So I should face my fears of failing….there are more I am sure, but this is what I can think of right now.  What are yours?

Daily motivation. Find your strength.

Daily motivation for every part of your life.


Trying to welcome in a Monday morning isn’t always easy.  But with that I can find something that I can overcome today…my exhaustion, my feelings of blah with my day, and make the best of it.  What are you doing to start your week off right?



This will motivate you when all else fails

4% Day Workout

The easiest reminder of how we should never have excuses for our health.

How easy it is to feel so intimidated by something in our lives.  The project, the interview, the workout can feel so daunting.  It can take up so much space mentally, and then physically.  We think it will be more painful, or we are already exhausted, but truly let’s look at the big picture here; we spend so much time thinking about what we should do, wish we could do, or feeling bad about not doing.  So let’s stop now.  What can you do today that you are not going to over-think, you are just going to do?